Free Incubator for Man's Well-Being

Free Incubator for Man’s Well-Being

Free Incubator for Man’s Well-Being

Free Incubator for Man's Well-Being

The more the brilliance we have, the more the duty is. The more we are to take the very good care of this universe, and its people as well. Witnessing how many Indonesian babies tragically died (30 of 1000 births) -notably those whose family have been living very poorly- we offer an opportunity to every premature (born before 37 weeks of pregnancy). and yellow baby to survive by lending the incubator (also phototherapy) freely. It would be a guilt for us if we had done nothing. True. We have the potential, knowledge, capability to make it happen. Why not?

Saving Lives

This is why we choose to save lives of Indonesian babies instead of burden them; also their family. The charge is very high due to the price of imported incubators. Still, the equality of health access has not been entirely prevailed yet. Not to mention the cruelty that is deliberately being remained in hospital as the conflict of interests is there: profit; (medical devices companies) being disrupted; and so forth. Apparently, there is more misery than happiness because of such hardship. Then, what else?

For these 5 years (since 2012), we have already been saving more than 1500 preemie babies; including the twin and triplet ones over 17 provinces in the country. More, there are volunteers in 50 cities / regions prepared for the parents in a need of help. Rather, we let anyone else reproduce our eco-friendly incubator invention: wood and acrylic material. Along with small-medium enterprise (SME). Yogyakarta has become the exemplary for acrylic production.

Preemie babies need be helped properly. So the objective is to keep the temperature around 33 – 35 o C, prevent the overheat. Safety is the main priority after all. Basically, our incubator utilizes natural circulation from the air to warm the cabin itself. With the common room temperature in Indonesia (ambient air in 29 – 30 o C), it is enough to use two 25-Watt light bulbs as the source. The result is the lower energy consumption to raise the temperature. Furthermore, it does matter to make the lighter manufacture, along with the cheaper cost. It turned out to be a low-end outcome as the incubator only costs 3,5 million rupiahs in term of production.

Empowerment and Collaboration

We had to put insignificant ways aside in order to fully provide the community with best service. As an instance, we decided not to put all the information on the blog (it used to be anymore. We shifted and are now gathering it on a website: Google it with “inkubator gratis”. You will instantly find it. Also, we were to transform and simplify the incubator over. Our latest product is an evidence, in which the proof came from inescapable experience. In 2014, packing it to Aceh, we worried that it would get broken somehow. And it actually happened. There was a crack on the acrylic while being opened. So, we chose to enable the acrylic to be set separately. It can be assembled again after arriving to the volunteers. Safer and less expense for shipping.

However, not every work could be done just by ourselves. We will inevitably need a necessary support. Settling with SMEs (both acrylic and wood vendor) is the epitome of thus during the manufacture. It is very unpleasant because we have to tell them very often the way to do it right. It might take months and reluctance, but we have to. To reach all the people, we have been opting SMS Gateway-Centre for managing incoming demands and monitoring the babies’ progress (once a week). The reason is simple: any parent may not have smartphone, but surely a phone. That is how to empower the community.

Proactively, we are always involving every foundation, community, and institution related to health care besides midwifes yet open-minded hospitals. There, we have already had six of them: Zona Bombong Purwokerto and Blood for Life Foundation (BFLF) Aceh (transportation through free ambulance); RSIA Lestari Ar-Rahmah (Tangerang); Metta Mama and Magha Foundation (Bali); Rumah Bersalin Cuma-Cuma (RBC) Bandung. Even some volunteers emphasize the importance of building synergy with the hospitals. Like what had already been done several months ago by two hospitals in Central Java: Wahidin Sudiro Husodo (Mojokerto) and Ben Mari (Malang). Thus enabled eight lives of preemie to be saved. It is the true collaboration that arouses the spirit of our local wisdom: gotong-royong.


Volunteers are mainly the key to carry on our program. They must perform the roles to cover the production’s cost, accompany and come after the incubator. They are not to turn the product for earnings. It is probably the hardest struggle to be through. Yes. There will be many unpleasant things to be overcome. Spending a lot of time yet energy, being ridiculed with people’s ignorant outlook, the understanding of the aim for service to society in which it is to be asked to ourselves over. The foremost one is the spirit of giving rather than taking.

Serving the society means that you will have to ready for all the obstacles mentioned above. The risk is very high, physically and mentally. As the uncertainty goes on, we will become fatigued somehow. Ongoing test for patience. But if it is not one of us, who is going to take the very good care of those who have been living very poorly. We dare keep the will doing the right thing.


It is said that the prime objective of life is to help one another without taking for granted, share happiness over the planet-earth. And when we merge both knowledge and experience, we are determined to put an end to the misery. Because we only live once; but if we do it right, once is enough. Not only for those we love, but for the man’s well-being.

We are always working so very hard to put charity in our socio-technopreneurship activity. Here is a beautiful way we put it: “Saving one life is saving the country.” If we don’t save one life, we will never save any. And nothing heaved us; otherwise we did it fully; successfully; and happily. That is the charity for us: the courage to lead the country into a safe and sound one. With all the might we have. Everybody, COME ON! You can do the same thing as well. Better NOW than LEVER (LATER and probably NEVER). Dare you?

Juan Karnadi
Digital and Publication
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The more the brilliance we have, the more the duty is. The more we are to take the very good care of this universe, and its people as well.

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