Eligibility in Charity

Eligibility in Charity

Eligibility in Charity

Eligibility in Charity

Eligibility does enable us to do charitable deeds. It apparently makes both us and the society happy, leads us to always fill, bring happiness over the planet-earth. But a misleading way within it can burden the whole world, and its people as well through cruelty. Many died miserably in the war. Some, unfortunately had to lose their life due to lethal diseases. Not to mention those that are still suffering as they keep seeking for justice yet peace. We shall forge ourselves to let good thoughts come into our minds, flow into our heart fully; instead of the insignificant ones. Even so, it is not well enough. All we are to do is to transform such positive energy into real WORK, real ACTION. Yes. Enough is enough, against people behaving like demon.


By letting the evil be right, the result is a very horrible disorder. Indonesian babies’ tragic death is only an evidence of it; there will be the following from any respective field too. And alas, 2/3 cases occurred in the first 24 hours. But something has to be asked, “Were they merely about health issues?” Obviously NO! The core is all connected to education, transportation, also construction; let alone management. One after another. The sequence is very complicated, and keeps going on over, and over.

Again, we have been witnessing the misery in preemie babies’ families. Despair somehow surged them verily. They even dared no urge the best service, the finest one for them towards medical professionals. It turned out to be a very high expense later. The longer the preemies are in hospital, the higher the price is. Thus already worried the families and unawares forced them beg for the preemies to leave immediately. Still, the state did not change as they stayed in uncertainty. They had to pay the price highly.

Then how about those who have been living very poorly? They are beyond the reach for affordable funds, accessible road which should have been provided properly to enter feasible health centres. So they have no choice, but to take the very good care of their babies at home; including the ones often calling the midwifes. More, a well-designed health insurance system does matter enormously. The right one is that the insurance for babies should follow the mothers firstly till they have become toddler at least. Unfortunately, it is far beyond our hope in Indonesia. Validation data takes a fortnight (two weeks) for making health insurance (BPJS). How long will the family have to wait?

Besides, we are always importing health equipment from various foreign countries. Consequently, the cost has to be spent very expensive. For instance, the patient monitor in hospital has a price of 30-60 million rupiahs. The exemplary is infant incubator: the price is varied around 70-220 million rupiahs for one unit. Another example is the electrocardiography (used to check heart condition) -it prices 10-20 million rupiahs for one. No wonder the investment for NICU (per room) could probably exceed an amount of a billion or even two billions rupiahs. Let alone were the role not run well due to unavailability, failure -and so the boundaries forth- all the equipment would have remained idly. We had witnessed it in a hospital in which it had four incubators for NICU room and ten incubators for baby room. Terribly, in the baby room, nine of them remained unused. What a horrible reality!

Inexplicable Brilliance

No more arguing, no more disagreement. We chose to openly give a hope for all preemie and yellow babies in Nusantara Indonesia: regions, and their rurals too. How came? Long ago, we opted the way to produce our especially home incubator drastically from the high-end to low-end outcome: less need of energy (50 Watt); lighter manufacture; simpler design for expansion. As the result, we needed not even propose for more financial resource aggressively.

We are always emphasizing the importance of using the network in order to fully perform empowerment’s doing. By building synergy with hospitals, we offer a collaboration with necessary objectives; notably volunteer agent’s roles. Just like what we had done recently with our latest volunteer agent, a modest and humble hospital in Central Java. Also, we simply put the excellence in manufacturing process. It is acquired within ongoing learning. Right. Because we came to realize there would be a liability hadn’t we done it in patience. Rather, we have no intention to patenting our work. We are letting everyone else to emulate it freely. To widely spread yet expand our activity through SMEs (small medium enterprises). Therefore, every acrylic and wood SME can reproduce it in guidance from us. And sustained welfare will eventually be prevailed there.

That is why we are determined to conduct an eco-friendly yet inexpensive NICU. The aim is to massively reduce costy expense from the over-funded investment -mainly for the room- to a 5-10% rate by actively setting enterprising approach. As an instance, we didn’t spend any cost for the patient monitor; only provided it with a portable application (software). But we would rather make things happen than rely on imports for the upcoming innovations. Yet, we already settled with the mini generator for regions that were not supplied well with electricity for 7-8 hours when the supply from State Electric Company (PLN) is cut off -for generally six hours. We just have to ensure all coverage by testing it often. Literally, an inexplicable brilliance.

We wish we could have influenced all over our surroundings. But humans are often disappointing. Further, many are paying more attention to notable than meaningful things. Only disappointment remains, along with our severe rage. We need return, start going over unjust reality in the unpleasant truth. It is going to be a very rugged road, a very lonesome journey. And we might probably be daunted somehow. But we are to put our opinion about this life aside, set our best food forward in gentleness.

Prospering Work

Right thinking makes right practice, and there does come perfection. Yes. Don’t be the plaything of circumstances. This universe has so many challenges to be overcome. Years and tears to put in the effort, turn it into outstanding result. Seeing open laugh and smile is the epitome of clearer duty to promote the spirit of giving rather than taking heartily. May the spirit keep filling our purge.

We are working so very hard to fulfill a prospering work in our activity outright. Truly, prospering work is nearing ourselves to the man’s well-being and the higher one after this. Only happiness does fill all the people then. A month ago, a doctor in Pemalang shared with us a very touching story. Here is the way he put it: “There was a day when a husband found out that his beloved wife had a chronic kidney failure, a very worrying one.” He told that the husband almost wept over this tragedy. “I then explained the consequence for his choice: if he chose his wife all the fund would simply empty for his children future in education. The family was lacking of plenty earnings as it priced for eight millions a month just to purify her blood”, he added. Lastly, he emphasized that if the husband preferred the contrary, remained his wife ill, he would still have a hope in the future, through his children. It heaved the family the most at that time. Three months later, they met again. The wife was already on haven. No more sorrow, no more regret; but gladness.

One is going to take the very good care of those that have been living very poorly. Right acting would only flow if (and if only) we had successfully conquered ourselves; as everybody wants to change the world, but nobody wants to change himself. Along with faith, we are going to make the time to overcome each test, climb over it, and lo! When we have won it, we are finally attracting things, ideas, and circumstances as well. Standing for any in need of help, being lives’ rescuer is a wonderful gift, a gratitude for us. Thus is a proof of our local-wisdom, GOTONG ROYONG (living for one another) that having saved the country since long ago. A wisdom that our founding father gained in even-mindedness. True. Eligibility in charity. So, it is high time we presented the best service we had to community. For the sake of our own good, and the good of other people around us. Because “We Are The Author of Our Own Life, The History of The Country After All”.

Juan Karnadi
Digital and Publication
Yayasan Bayi Prematur Indonesia

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No more arguing, no more disagreement. We are the author of our own life, the history of the country after all.

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